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For the heartbreak,
Every breath I take,
The movements I make,
I'm in pain for your sake.

Fighting among us,
Promise me you won't cuss,
Screaming in the darkest lust,
Do we stand here because we must?

Dreams surrounding the end,
I can't count you my friend,
Past the water and around the bend,
Though I fight this is where I must mend.

Those deep blue,
I haven't a clue,
Why I fell in love with you,
Beaten and broken I crawled too.

Back to where I'm from,
You didn't beg me to come,
Sent me far away and then some,
Maybe in pieces inside an oil drum.

But I did escape,
Though whispering rape,
Drunken kisses on my nape,
Half asleep so no rope or tape.

My belly full,
Your angered pull,
Pain as we did cull,
Their eyes blank and dull.

No funeral for accidents,
Your greatest achievements,
Freeing yourself from commitments,
Cowering from your deceitful agreements.

How could you sit there and smile?
As I laid in the hospital quite awhile,
My body first down the stairs in a pile,
You did not care that I was choking up bile.

Now so far away,
You won't even pay,
But I am safe to lay,
My heart is healing I say.

Love is something new,
A man in my life is true,
But the girls fight me for you,
Now your eyes aren't that demon blue.

But around we go again,
Just like way back when,
High school drama like then,
Can't I just have it easy like men?

Girls bicker and fight,
Striking a match I light,
The calm smoke gives me delight,
But their backhanded words just might.

Set the world on fire,
My body full of desire,
Calling me a two faced liar,
Like how I paid for that tire.

She drove my car,
Not really that far,
Promised to pay on par,
Never got a dime for the tar.

How am I so bad?
I rarely ever get mad,
I'm heartless just a tad,
But I suffer because I'm sad.

Loyal to those I love,
Looking to those above,
Pure as the white winged dove,
As the darkness below will shove.

I fight against my own,
Knowing I'm always alone,
Typing to those on my phone,
Their minds only on a body grown.

How can be alive?
When did I take that dive?
So many confrontations to strive,
Someone might just have to use a revive.

Headache eating away,
What else can I say?
Given to you my way,
Now I must pay.
Just something relating to the current problems I face. Getting over an ex who messed me up pretty bad and now dealing with a new guy I like and the girls who swear I'm something I'm not.
KnightandJesterArt Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice poem,you can definitely feel the emotion from this piece.
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November 16, 2012
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